Lace Wigs in Johannesburg

Lace wigs in Johannesburg are becoming a big fashion trend these days. People love lace wigs in general, and especially the front lace wigs because of their ability to create a natural look as they provide you with a natural front hairline. This is important because it adds a realistic appearance and also allows for hair styling away from the face. A high quality lace front is usually constructed with sheer, fine, material in which hair is hand-tied individually. Most of the lace wigs can be readily worn because they are pre-cut or pre-trimmed, although some others need some customisation. Either way it is extremely easy to cut so even if it is not pre-cut it should not be a problem. Lace wigs in Johannesburg are available in various colours, lengths, and styles so it’s up to you to choose the look you like.


The following are the main reasons why people love these wigs


Natural looking hairline:

Lace wigs are the best choice if you want to keep your wig a secret.  The sheer lace front is nearly invisible and seamlessly blends against the skin and imitates natural hair growth appearance along the hairline. This is because the hair strands are individually tied in which makes it look like the hair is growing out of your scalp. In general, lace wigs in Johannesburg are among the highest quality wigs in the market, and the majority come ready to be worn.


Incredible styling versatility:

Unlike other wigs, lace wigs allow the wearer to style your hair away from your face, thus revealing the completely realistic hairline. Bangs are not necessary but due to the variety of styles available you can either buy a wig with a bang or simply clip one in.


Are you getting married soon? If yes, many brides preferring wearing lace wig in an updo style on the big wedding day. This is the reason why lace wigs are the number one choice for special occasions and wedding days.


Easily accessible:

In the past, lace wigs were quite expensive and out of reach of many people and thus were mainly used by celebrities on TV shows and movies. However, these days, they are much more common and affordable. In the recent past, there has been an increase in the numbers of wig designers who design lace wig styles the result being a wide variety of Lace wigs in Johannesburg, and this means that your choices keep growing.


For a perfect lace front, you need to do the following:


Hide your natural hair:

 Do you have long natural hair? If yes, it is recommended and advised that you slightly pull it back then secure it under nylon wig cap or get it braided into short dreadlocks.

You will definitely not want to be in a situation where your natural hair is exposed under the lace front. If you don’t have natural hair, place the lace wig at the point where the hairline would be, if you had natural hair.


Match the skin tone:

 If your skin is darker than the lace wig, use a damp tea bag to dye the wig until it matches the skin tone. To make the colour darker, dab the lace wig several times. In the alternative, you can use makeup for blending it up. Professionals have done it this way for many years.


Handle it with care:

Lace wigs in Johannesburg are made of delicate material and thus should be handled with great care, especially when taking the wig on and off, and when washing it. If the need to trim your lace wig arises, take it to a professional to do, and pinking shears must in all cases be used to do the job. If it’s not cut properly, the lace wig will unravel.


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    hi there i would like to know you price for a bob wig

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    Looking for a full lace wig very small head

  • Tracy

    Hi, I would like to buy a front lace wig but I need to know if 1 bundle is enough or I need to buy to bundles like a normal weave. Please let me know.

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