How to take care of your lace wig

Lace wigs are an expensive investment and have gained a lot of popularity these days. To ensure that they last long, you must ensure that you give them the necessary care.


The following are a few tips on how to take proper care of your lace wigs.


Avoid exposure to direct heat:

Just like any other hair, the exposure of lace wigs to direct heat should be completely avoided. The heat damages the wig’s ends and this may lead to the drying out of your cuticles. Thus, when you place the lace wig on your head, ensure that you protect it from direct heat of the sun. NEVER place a lace wig near a fire, or over or near any other source of heat where it can get damaged easily. It is also recommended that; when wearing lace wigs that you don’t expose the locks to direct heat for a long period of time. Also avoid sitting close to fire and avoid use of a hair dryer on lace wig. The use of a hair dryer will cause drying out of your hair and may cause irreparable damage.


Comb it out gently:

Lace wigs need to be combed out generally just the way you do to your natural hair. When combing the hair on lace wig you should be extra cautious. Although the hair is generally secured in the lace base, you should be cautious because sudden force may dislocate or loosen it from the base.  To prevent this, ensure that you begin brushing the hair to the top from the ends, while ensuring that you don’t get too close to lace base.


Use luke warm water in spray bottle to wash it:

Because the lace wig is not attached to the head, ensure that you always wash when it’s on its mannequin head. It is recommended that you add a bit of shampoo to a small spray bottle then filled with with moderately warm water. When done with the preparation of the mixture, place the actual lace wig in room-temperature water, and while doing this spray it with the combination of warm water and shampoo. Next, distribute shampoo all over the wig then use a wide-toothed comb or tangle teezer for working through your hair from root to tip


After the shampoo has been dispersed evenly through the lace wig, you can now rinse it. The rinsing should be done under cool water. After rinsing, you can apply conditioner. Work on the lace wig with conditioner just the way you worked through it with the shampoo.  Once you are through with washing the lace wig with conditioner and shampoo, you can now rinse it out gently again for the third time, under water at room temperature. In doing this, ensure that you do not rub the hair strands against the other. In fact, you should pat dry your hair to prevent breakage or tangling of the hair.


Other important tips:

  • Lace wigs should be washed at least twice every month, most preferably with clarifying shampoo. Clarifying shampoo is highly recommended because it helps with frizz, and tangles.
  • Never blow dry lace wigs after being washed and rather allow to dry naturally. This will cause drying of the wig, and that may lead to increased breakage. 


  • Lesedi

    Can I wash my wig when it’s new? The hair I bought is shedding slot also what can I use

  • Zandile Dludla

    Please provide service for maintaining lace wigs. For example where to send wigs for cleaning and curling.

  • Lindiwe Mazibuko

    how much human hair lacewig please reply asap coz i need it this december.


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  • Maria

    Please make synthetic wig spray available, natural hair oil sheen spray is not good for synthetic hair.

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