Need more Volume? Get Clip-In Hair Extensions!

Give Us One Reason Why Not …

To count the amount of benefits that clip-in hair extensions provide would be like trying to count all the stars in the sky. For those of us who dream about Disney Princess locks but are unfortunately not blessed with Jasmine-like hair, clip-ins are a wonderful alternative to achieving plenty of hair in an instant!

Although, once you have decided to take the leap and get one step closer to your Rapunzel hair, you’re faced with the challenge of which set of hair extensions to go for. Do you go for clip-in extensions, sewn-in or glued-in? Do you need them for extra length or thickness? Whichever your reason, take a look at the benefits and how you can achieve lustrous locks to suit your mane’s desires.

A few benefits of clip-in hair extensions – trust us, you won’t need more after reading this!


  • Clip-in human hair extensions can easily be curled, straightened, and/or styled according to the desired hairstyle. Everyone wants what they can’t have, but with clip-in hair extensions, you can have whatever you WANT!
  • There are various guides both online and offline on how to style them yourself.
  • They automatically blend in with natural hair whether it’s the same texture or not.
  • These extensions are available in different colours, shapes, length and textures.
  • Maintains a natural look as it blends with your existing hair. The only difference is it ADDS extra volume and/or length.
  • It can improve the overall appearance of your natural hair while adding beauty and confidence for the individual wearing them.

At HairCity we stock a variety of clip-in hair extensions - available in synthetic and human hair and ready for you to use! Look HOT and feel GREAT with thick, voluminous and beautiful hair.

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