5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Hair Extensions


Hair is big business, and there are loads of extension to choose from that range in quality, colour, length and texture. Before you make your next hair purchase, ask yourself these simple questions to ensure you’re making the right choice:

Q1: What style am I going for?

Before you can begin browsing through the thousands of styles and extensions available to you at HairCity, start by choosing the hairstyle you want. This will narrow down your search for the perfect hair extensions that will help you achieve your desired look. Draw inspiration from celebrity styles to help make your final decision between the different types of straight, wavy, or curly extensions available.

Q2: What type of hair is right for me?

Hair extensions come in two broad categories: human hair, and synthetic. Human hair extensions are made from real hair, are of the highest quality, versatile, and result in the most natural look. Synthetic hair extensions have come a long way because of technological advances, making them a great alternative to human hair, especially if you’re on a tighter budget, but their styling is limited.

Q3: What level of commitment am I ready for?

Are you looking to simply try out a style, or searching for a look you love to stay? If it’s a quick change you want, then our wide variety of lace front wigs is perfect for you – they’re easy on, and easy off! Plus, human hair, like our natural hair needs regular maintenance – are you prepared for this commitment to regular salon visits?

Q4: Am I choosing the right hair for my lifestyle?

There are lots of little things to consider about your daily activities that can have an effect on your hair extension choice – are you at the gym regularly? Then perhaps you should consider lower maintenance styles that allow you to exercise with ease. How much time do you have to get ready every day? If your morning routine is rushed, then opt for a get-up-and-go style that doesn’t require daily styling.

Q5: How much am I willing to spend?

Besides the initial cost of your chosen hair extensions, are you aware of the additional costs associated with it? Human hair is generally more expensive than synthetic hair. And where human hair requires regular maintenance from our expert hair stylists, synthetic extensions won’t last as long and will need to be changed from time to time (depending on how you care for it


DID YOU KNOW? You can Shop By Price on the HairCity website. There’s something for everyone on our online store, whether you’re working with a strict budget, or looking to invest in a high quality piece.


Q6: Can I trust the quality of this hair?

If you’re shopping for extensions in person, then be sure to touch & feel the hair to check how it moves, and run your fingers through it to check for any shedding. If you’re buying from the HairCity online store, review the pictures of your chosen style, read additional product information, and also visit our Facebook & Instagram pages to see our products in action. There are also loads of reviews, pictures and videos available online, so search your style to learn more about it from others’ experiences.

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