7 Ways To Make Your Brazilian Hair Last Longer

The key to a healthy looking, long-lasting weave is great homecare between visits to the salon. Here’s what you can do to get maximum wear out of your Brazilian hair: 

1. Have it installed with a professional

The first step to a long-lasting weave is how it’s installed. After spending money on your Brazilian hair, are you really willing to risk it being destroyed by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing? Simply put, professional hair dressers know what they’re doing [hyperlink to Professional blog] and will ensure your weave or wig is installed without damage.

2. Keep your extensions clean

Dirt build-up in your extensions will cut their lifespan short as it can cause breakage and shedding. Keeping your hair clean with a mild shampoo is key to its health, but beware of over-shampooing (too harshly and too regularly) as this can cause your hair to become dry & damaged as it’s stripped of nutrients and oils. Always follow up with a rich conditioner, and regular salon treatments.

3. Help your hair extensions stay moisturised

Your extensions need help keeping & replenishing essential moisture that it cannot get from your scalp. It’s important to treat your hair extensions with lightweight maintenance products that will restore its lustre, and keep it tangle- and frizz-free.

4. Dry your extensions naturally when it’s possible

While artificially drying your hair with heat saves time, did you know that over excess can have negative effects on your extensions, leaving them looking and feeling dry & damaged. When it’s possible, pat your hair dry with a towel (avoid rubbing dry as this friction causes frizzing) and allow to air dry, before finishing with care products.

5. Make sure you’re using the right comb

For Brazilian extensions, you need to use a wide tooth comb, or detangling weave brush. Constantly tugging at your strands with the wrong tool will lead to hair breakage and shedding, as well as cause unwanted frizz. Comb or brush your hair in smaller sections, working slowly and holding the attachment to avoid pulling. 

6. Wrap up before bed

Wrapping your hair before bed has multiple benefits: Firstly, it will cut your morning routine in half, as your hair is kept relatively tidy while you sleep. Secondly, a silk headscarf also helps prevent friction that causes frizzing and tangling that will shorten your Brazilian extension’s lifespan.

7. Pay your hairdresser a visit

Remember, you also have to care for your natural hair and scalp while wearing Brazilian extensions. Regular visits to your hairdresser will ensure your natural hair isn’t neglected while you worry about your weave or wig. Plus, it’s always a nice treat to let someone else fuss over you for a change!


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*Best applied to the care of straight, or natural curl Brazilian hair extensions


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