Well known celebrities such as Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and Tyra Banks have been known to wear lace wigs for over a decade now. What was then a celebrity hair secret to beautiful and undetected hairline has now become available to everyone!

Like any other hair extension product the application of the hair is what truly makes it beautiful. Learn how to apply your lace wig like a pro. Whether you are wearing a remy lace wig or a futura lace wig- your hair should look and feel natural.


1.   Prepare your hair

Prepare your hair by getting your natural hair as flat as possible. If your hair is long or thick it is best to cornrow your hair backwards. For shorter hair, a wig cap can be worn to flatten the hair.


2.   Cutting your lace wig

With your natural hair flattened, position the lace wig on your head. Cut the excess lace in the same shape of your own natural hairline. When cutting, aim to not cut it perfectly straight, as this creates the fake moon-shape hairline. Apply small zigzags with the scissors.

 3.   Securing the wig:

Using combs only

Most lace wig that are glue-less have combs in the back and the front. Firmly secure the combs into your hair and adjust the strap at the back for a snug fit. Move the lace front from side to side to ensure it is secure.

For extra security, use a needle and thread and sew in a few segments of your wig to your own natural hair.

Using lace or tape

For a natural looking hair line; aim to glue the lace wig at the temples of your head only and not across your entire forehead. Clean your scalp so that there is no oil. Position the wig on your head, using a nude eyeliner pencil; trace the area around the lace that you plan to glue down. You should not put any glue on your hair and do not use your glue or tape on an area you haven’t marked.

Follow the instructions on your lace or tape product on how to apply that glue.

Position the wig on top of the lace or glue and press it down. Wait about thirty minutes before brushing or combing the wig.

Tips: Natural looking hairline

Use tweezers

  If your hairline looks too thick, get a pair of tweezers and pull out strands of hair; one strand at a time. Pluck the hair strands out from random rows within each section and not in a straight line as this may result bald spots. After every few strands that you have plucked, stand back and observe if the hairline is improving.

Leave some of your own baby hair out

Leave some of your natural hair at the front of the lace wig out. Ensure that the texture of your own hair matches the texture of the hair. This can be achieved by using hair relaxer or ORGANIC’s Root Stimulator Edge Control to smooth out your edges.


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