WEAVES ARE TRENDY RIGHT NOW!! Here are a few Techniques on How to Apply your Weave


Bonding glue attaches your weave to your own hair, close to the scalp and without a plaited base. This method of applying your weave usually gives you 4 - 6 weeks of comfortable wear.

Pros: quick way to add volume to your hair, you can add streaks of colour to your own hair, great if you don't have the patience or funds for regular salon visits

Cons: the bonding glue can damage you hair and can be difficult to remove or get tangled in your hair (going to a good salon should solve this problem)


Tracking involves plaiting your natural hair in a circle around your head. The weave is then sewn onto the plait. This is a very popular method as it gives you 2 - 4 months of carefree hair before you may need to revisit a salon again.

Pros: You don't need to go see your stylist that often, your natural hair gets to take a break from blowdrying, curling and having chemicals added to relax and colour it

Cons: does limit your styling options somewhat as a ponytail can expose the tracks and your parting or fringe should be worn in the way it was styled


Micro Bonding involved attaching tiny copper micro rings, keratin bonds or elastic threads to a small section of your natural hair close to the root at very low temperatures. This method is usually reserved only for human hair quality weaves such as Brazilian hair, Indian hair or Peruvian hair. If you take care of your hair this method can last you 3 - 6 months. The weaves are applied in strands and a full head of hair will usually need about 100 strands.

Pros: This method gives you the most flexibility with how you want to style and wear your hair. You can wear a high bun, a parting or an up do in any way you want and it looks completely natural. 

Cons: With flexibility comes cost and this is the most expensive weave application method. 


  • Tlotlo Kgosimmele

    Does the hair city salon perform micro bonding installs and at what price?

  • Sian

    Excellent feedback. I agree with Bongi – satisfactory and concise. Thank you!

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    Great post.

  • Bongi

    Wow! I’ve neva get a satisfactory explaination info abt dis weaves,wiglace etc here in S.A until I read all the info on Haircity website,well done guys! So much clarity,advantage n disadvantage wow! well said now I know exaclty wat I nid,hw many pckt,hw 2 DIY,tanx n Bigups!

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