You will need: Steps:
  • Create a Flat Surface for the wig to sit on by either braiding your hair in small cornrows or wearing a wig cap to create a bump free and flat surface.
  • Cleanse your forehead with toner/water using a cotton ball. This will create a clean, oil free surface.
  • Cut the excess lace off the wig by using sharp scissors to trim the excess lace. Be careful not to cut any baby hairs.
  • Cut small amounts at a time and put your lace wig on a few times until you are satisfied that you have cut enough lace. The lace must look like a natural hairline.
  • Use the adjustable straps at the back of the wig to adjust the wig to your head size.
  • Once you are happy with the fit of the wig secure the wig with the combs and pin it into your hair
For extra hold:

Sew in

  • Sew in a few tracks of the wig into your hair using a needle and thread. Sew in the first few tracks into your cornrows as you would do a normal weave.
Glue/ Tape:
  • Mark or gently outline where you want the wig to fit so that you do not apply adhesive outside of this area.
  • Apply adhesive to your hairline. Do this by either using glue or tape. If you are using lace glue let it dry for +- 15 minutes).
  • Apply your Lace Wig. Starting at the middle point of your forehead, bond the wig to your head by pressing down on one side, then the other, using the back end of a comb. Bond the front hairline first for lace front wigs then the nape for full lace wigs. If you have glue showing beyond the edges of the lace remove the excess glue using BMB Lace Glue Remover.
  • Let the glue dry completely before styling!



This only applies if you have glued your wig on

You will need: Steps:
  • Pull all the hair up into a ponytail. This will provide better access to the hairline where the remover will be placed
  • Apply Lace Wig Remover around the edges of your lace wig. Let the remover sit for 2-5 minutes.
  • Work with the releaser in your fingers and gently pull the lace wig free.
  • Once you have completely removed the wig shampoo it and be sure to remove any left over glue or tape with a towel. It is best to remove all glue before washing.
  • Let the wig dry naturally. You can then reapply, style and store.

Written by haircity.co.za customer care — September 03, 2013

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