Pre-Orders & Custom Orders


We usually order new stock every 2 - 3 weeks. If there is a specific item that you are planning on purchasing that is currently not in stock or not in stock in the colour you like let us know and we will pre-order it for you so that by the time you are ready to place your order you can be rest assured that we will have your item in stock. The great thing is that there is no obligation on you to buy the item after you've ordered it. We will just make it available to everyone else if you change your mind.

How this works:
> Send us an email to with the details of the item you want us to order for you
> We will then inform you of the estimated arrival time of your item
> We will inform you once your item has arrived and also agree a certain cut-off date after which your item will be made available to everyone if you have not yet purchased it.
> During this period let us know once you are ready to place your order and we will load your item onto
> As we said there is no obligation on you to complete the order


Can't find the items you are looking for?

We Can Help! Whether you are looking for a specific item, style, length, colour or brand LET US KNOW and we will do our best to FIND IT for you at the BEST PRICE! 

Please note:
> This is not a final purchase, only a request on your part for more information
> You will not be charged in any way for submitting this information
> Please give us as much information as possible on the item you are looking for
> We will contact you via email as soon as we have found your item
 Please send the requested information to us at and a consultant will get in touch with you to get your order processed and delivered to you as quickly as possible!