Short Hair, DO Care

The short hair trend is getting a modern day revival! Short hairstyles give the wearer a different attitude to longer strands – it’s modern, chic and edgy while still looking feminine too. Before you make the big cut, read our tips on short hairstyle maintenance and care:

1. Know what you’re in for

There’s a common misconception that short hair is easy (when compared to longer hairstyles), but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Short hair requires constant maintenance to look chic, stylish and considered. So before you go for the big chop, seek a professional opinion from an expert HairCity stylist about your lifestyle, and the amount of effort & resources you’re willing to put towards your hair. Their years of experience can help you make the right choice to suit for you.


2. Choose the right style

What kind of short style are you looking for – natural; relaxed; a weave or wig? Consider your lifestyle and ability to maintain your hair at home. Natural short hair requires regular trips to the salon for trimming; while relaxed short styles need re-styling and products. If you’re quick to change your mind, then a short weave or wig will let you experiment with various short ‘dos without making a long-term commitment.


3. Find the right products

Different short hairstyles have different requirements. Natural hair is often dry and requires a moisture boost from a product like the Mizani True Textures Curl Replenish (R185); while relaxed hair could use a lightweight moisturiser like Design Essentials Diamond Oil Sheen (R165) that keeps it looking healthy and shiny. Weaves and wigs often require heat styling to keep their form, but excess heat can damage your extensions. Design Essentials Reflections Liquid Shine(R270) is a lightweight formula that not only make hair looks radiant and shiny, but also offers thermal protection during heat styling. You can help maintain the shape and style of your wig by placing it on a wig stand (R84) when you aren’t wearing it.


4. Experiment with styles

Short hair doesn’t need to be boring – there are various ways to switch it up! Consider keeping longer layers that you can work into different styles, or ask your barber for a fresh and interesting cut with each visit. Another way to update a short style is using colour – seek the expertise of an experienced colour specialist at a HairCity salon near you to ensure the process is professional, and the results great!


5. Care for your scalp

Without the cover of long hair, there is nowhere for a dry and flaky scalp to hide. It’s easy to forget about your scalp while your focus is on your hair strands, but short hairstyles will quickly expose a scalp that hasn’t been cared for. Whatever short haircut you opt for, be sure to keep your scalp nourished and soothed to keep dryness to a minimum. Use a daily scalp treatment like the Mizani Confiderm Scalp Oil (R175)  that moisturises and restores the natural balance of the scalp and hair.


6. Book your next haircut

Short hair looks best when it’s kept sleek and chic. And while everyone’s hair grows at different rates, you’ll start seeing a noticeable difference in length and growth after about two weeks. Maintaining your style’s intended length is key to looking put together, so keep track of how quickly your hair grows and be sure to have regular appointments with your HairCity stylist or barber scheduled in due time.


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