First Time Buying a Wig, What you need to Know.

We understand that buying your 1st wig can be a bit daunting & comes with many questions. Please be rest assured that there is nothing to be afraid of. The quality of wigs has come a long way over the last 5 years & most of the things that people are worried about are no longer applicable due to the improvement in product quality.

Below are a couple of factors that we think all first time buyers should consider & know in order to get the best value from your purchase:

Brazilian Hair or Futura/ Heat Resistant Wigs

Brazilian Hair: hair will last the longest, amazing quality, most natural look, hair can be dyed, requires regular maintenance, can be styled as you would your own hair

Futura Hair: pre-styled & coloured so wigs are ready to wear, much less effort to maintain, available in a variety of colours, more affordable than brazilian hair, experiment with different styles for the same budget, can be styled using low heat appliances


Recommended auxillery products:

After care involves maintaining your own natural hair as well as that of your wig or weave


A couple of things you do not need to worry about

  • Wig hairlines do look natural & with a bit of styling effort no one will even know you are wearing a wig
  • You will not sweat in your wig. Lace Wigs are made using the highest quality breathable lace
  • Your wig will not fall off. All our wigs come with adjustable straps for extra comfort and support and with combs
  • Hair City offers wig and weave rejuvenation so if you do not take care of your wig we should be able to rejuvenate your style for you
  • Caring for your wig. All orders come with easy to follow after care instructions and if you ever have issues with caring for your hair you can simply visit any Hair City branch and our stylists will assist you